Taronda Richardson | Program Director

(804) – Cookie Cart: Baking Bright Futures 

Host | Suchi Sairam 



Taronda Richardson, Program Director, has served Cookie Cart since August 2005. Cookie Cart provides teens 15 to 18 years old with lasting and meaningful work, life and leadership skills through experience and training in an urban nonprofit bakery. Ranked 11th out of over 130 nonprofits, Cookie Cart was recently sighted as one of the top high-impact nonprofits in Minnesota by Philanthropedia.

Ms. Richardson is responsible for the overall implementation of agency programs, quality assurance, evaluation and staffing while also working to create, nurture and grow strategic partnerships that support the expansion of Cookie Cart. Her commitment to the organization is to ensure that program activities provide youth with experiential learning through a wide range of life enriching opportunities.

She directs bakery and program operations; taking responsibility for coordinating youth classes, including the National Career Readiness Certification, 360 Degrees work preparation courses, Employing Superior Customer Service and Financial Literacy. She has established herself as an ardent leader with a style all her own, focused on cultivating the learning capacity of young people through workforce development.

Taronda holds a degree in Business Administration from Globe College. Before joining the Cookie Cart team, Taronda held a position in Human Resources where she assisted with a wide range of employee relations topics.

Website: www.cookiecart.org