Kanniks Kannikeswaran | visionary musician, composer, music educator

(713) – Building Musical Bridges Across Communities

Host | Kaleel Ahmed 




Kanniks Kannikeswaran is a visionary musician, composer, music educator and writer with several recordings, productions and scores to his credit. Often referred to as ‘The Magical Musician from Madras’ Kanniks’ skill lies in his ability to create captivating music easily accessible to a broad audience base, blending complex features of diverse World Music forms. All of Kanniks’ projects are consistent with his vision of building community through the celebration of threads of commonality between diverse peoples and cultures. Kanniks is a recent recipient of the prestigious McKnight Visiting Artist Fellowship (Minnesota) and the Ohio Heritage Fellowship.

Kanniks is hailed as the pioneer of the Indian American choral movement. He has founded and directed Indian American community choirs in Cincinnati OH, Bethlehem PA, Houston TX and Tampa FL and created a large repertoire of choral music based on raagas.

Kanniks connection to twin cities is now primarily through his McKnight Visiting Residency that facilitates his spending time here, networking with artists and with the community. The common theme of his work is ‘building bridges across diverse cultures and traditions by celebrating threads of commonality’ – (e.g. commonalities between Celtic and 19th century Indian music, commonalities between north and south Indian music, building communities through choral singing, bringing diverse communities together etc.). An oft resonating theme in his work is Universal Peace.


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