Dr. Moe Nozari | Retired Exec Vice President of 3M

[601] – Entrepreneurship, building consumer brands, and leadership development

Dr. Moe Nozari, Retired Executive VP, 3M He was born in Tehran, Iran, and while in the 11th grade, he was approached by the Office of the American Friends of the Middle East, and persuaded to continue his education in the United States with a full scholarship. After receiving, B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Chemistry, Moe completed two years of Post-doctoral studies at the University of Illinois, where he also taught Chemistry as a member of the faculty. He joined 3M, in the Central Research Laboratories in 1971 and advanced to the position of Technical Director of the Photographic Products Division. After a succession of managerial and business responsibilities in 1986 he was named a Division Vice President, then a Group Vice President in 1996, and finally Executive Vice President of Consumer and Office Business in 1999 – a position that he held till August of 2009, when he retired.

The results of his research work has been extensively published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, and Journal of Inorganic Chemistry. He is the author of several basic patents at 3M, and he is  the 1982 recipient of  Arts and Sciences Award of the Academy of the Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, (the Oscars). While at 3M his focus was on the development of new products, brands, identification, and development of people. A testimony to this last point is that of the six current Executive Vice Presidents, five come from the Consumer and Office Business.