About Us

DiFTV is a show about diverse people, perspectives and the contributions of diversity to America. It helps bring your diverse neighbors into your living room. It is an in-depth talk show focused on showcasing achievements, highlighting talents and providing relevant socio economic viewpoints of the diverse Twin Cities community.
The show targets diverse viewers from the South Asian subcontinent as well as people from Middle East and Africa, who live in the Twin Cities. It also provides the larger mainstream Twin Cities viewers with broader interests, a window into guest s and perspectives that are not commonly featured in regular media. This is one of the faster growing viewer segments for our show and reflects an unfulfilled need in our market.
DiFTV is created and managed by volunteers who handle all aspects of the program from production to public relations. It is a goal of the creators to expand the program to include the contributions of the greater diverse communities (including Hispanic, African Americans and other Asian communities).

We are thankful to St Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN) which provides equipment, studio, editing space and provides training to the volunteers.